Carousel Dyestuff Storage System​

Most effective way to store the dyestuff boxes. Boxes are stored vertically and saves enormous space. The shelfs rotates infront of the operator. Shelf of the selected dyestuff rotates and comes to the weighing area and an LED light markes the dywstuff box. Can be combined with travelling scale platform. Scales are being carried to the dyestuff boxes. Every dyestuff locations are predefined in to the system. Saves labour and time. Also loweres the risk of spillage. 

Why do you need ODS WEIGH & ODS CRS?

1 – DYE IT RIGHT FIRST TIME increases,
2 – Eliminates weighing errors,
3 – Correct dyestuff can be selected very quickly,
4 – All the weighings are done in the limits and recorded,
5 – 0 “zero” mistakes are eliminated,
6 – Dyestuff LOT track can be done,
7 – Space saving,
8 – Weighing time is shortened,
9 – Spillage is minimized with travelling scales,
10 – Perfect stock control.​