Salt Soda Sulphate Dissolving

ODS PREP systems are designed to prepare the solutions, for use of Ods Solid systems. Constant %C is the key of the system. 

a. 3 solutions can be prepared in one dissolving unit,
b. Automatic washing after dissolving,
c. Different %C for different solutions,
d. Water is added via a flowmeter,
e. Different tank sizes related to consumption,
f.  Overflow level at the rezerve tanks. 

Why do you need ODS SOLID & ODS PREP?

1 - Minimizes the labor and reduces the labor costs
2 - Saves process time
3 - Reduces weighing errors and defective orders
4 - Ensures fully dissolved solutions and eliminates solid residuals
5 - Protects the dyeing mch. additional tank pumps by eliminating solid residuals
6 - Chemical consumption tracking system
7 - Improves the DYE IT RIGHT FIRST TIME
8 - Better stock control and costing​